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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Helping those who don't want help..

Can anyone offer me some assistance please?! Can anything be done for my Mum, we have been through this a couple of times before.. I believe it is paranoid schizophrenia/bipolar possibly but can't remember the exact diagnosis she was given last time. There is no way that she will admit herself,  she has been admitted before so she is adamant she is not going back there.. She has pushed everyone away,  her grandchildren who are her world she now doesn't care if she never sees again Smiley Sad Everyone has given up this time it seems, it does take a massive toll on us. What can I do?? She needs help but police (who have visited her on multiple occasions recently) have said that unless she threatens self harm or harm to another that she cannot be touched. We are in NSW. Any help/info is very much appreciated. Thank you! 


Re: Helping those who don't want help..

@EAllison  Hi EAllison and welcome to the forum. The police are right I am afraid there is nothing they can do unless she is a threat to herself or others. In saying that I dont blame your mother mental health facilities are no fun. I have promised my son I would never send him back as long as he sees his psychiatrist and takes his medications there is no reason for him to do so. I also have schizoaffective disorder and never want to go back to hospital either they are no fun and quite miserable you see. I also see my psychiatrist and take my medications.


The best thing you can do is to be positive around your mother. Give her support but also protect yourselves. Carers need time out as well. I know this is not what your wanted to hear but until/if she cracks she cannot be forced into a mental health facility. greenpeax

Re: Helping those who don't want help..

Hey there @EAllison  welcome to the community, you're amongst peers who very much relate to some of the challenges we come up against as loved ones of those living with complex mental health, big props to you for reaching out for support. I hope you find our little community helpful Smiley Happy Heart


I would recommend if you're up to it, giving one of our counsellors at the SANE Helpline a ring, they have heaps of knowledge about options for carers and can also hold space for some of the experiences you're having with your Mum. The number is 1800 18 7263 (10am-10pm weekdays), or you can webchat here.


One of our peer ambassadors is also running a Topic Tuesday event with us next week, you can read about that here. We will discuss a bit about NDIS in this one, so you might gain a bit of in depth knowledge about peoples experience and entitlements as carers through that. Also would recommend as you're new to the community checking out our posting guidelines. Speak soon! @EAllison 

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